We base our policy on value generation

Organizational Social Responsibility

At Kinnox we base our CSR policy on the generation of value, sustainability and the development of the intellectual capital of our current business model, as follows:

We abide by and respect the institutional framework in its performance in the markets and with the agents that make up our Value Network (Shareholders, Collaborators, Internal and External Customers, Suppliers, Competitors, Complementary, Governmental and Trade Organizations).

We respect and abide by the following regulations: labor, tax, customs, commercial, accounting, financial, environmental, health and safety, and internal and external trade.

We observe the proper handling of water, electrical fluids, gases, fuels and effluents in general.

We base our management on the observation of the best practices of organizational governance and act within the requirements of the Integral Quality system on Human, Structural, Relational, Physical and Financial Capital Inventories.

At the human resources level, the specific practices we implement for their development include:

  • Annual training program based on the competencies required for the position
  • Recruitment and selection program for internal candidates to fill vacancies
  • Career plan
  • Medical follow-up
  • Talks oriented to specific topics of care, health, family and couple.
  • Integration activities such as basketball and domino tournaments

Energy Efficiency


We have a 1.5 MWp solar generation plant for self-generation.

Environmental compliance

For us, the environmental factor is of utmost importance. As part of our management, we observe the proper handling of water, electrical fluids, gases, fuels and effluents generated by our plant. This is how we take care of the Los Alcarrizos area, to which we belong, and the environment in general.

Waste Management

Wastewater treatment plant – WWTP: We implemented a system for processing acidic water generated in the industrial process of our galvanizing plant, in order to restore conditions that meet environmental standards.

Occupational Health and Safety

We have a dispensary staffed by qualified medical personnel for immediate assistance and we have sufficient supplies for our employees. in case of emergency. This is a space where our collaborators can be attended in case they need medical assistance of any kind.

We care about the safety of all our employees, customers and visitors. That is why we have a system of protocols for entering the plant, as well as for working or remaining in it. Some of the guidelines to be taken into account include: the use of hard hats indistinctly for all personnel in the plant, including visitors; The use of appropriate footwear for all employees in the plant, as well as helmets, protective glasses and special vests; the prohibition of drinking alcohol or entering the plant under the influence of alcohol or any narcotic drug; among other measures.

COVID-19 Measures

The health of our customers, employees and their families is fundamental to us. That is why we have implemented some measures to safeguard their well-being.

  1.     We have increased the cleaning and disinfection of the areas.
  2.     We provided masks and gloves for our employees.
  3.     We install alcohol dispensers in strategic areas.
  4.     We implement telework wherever possible.
  5.     We encourage physical distancing.
  6.     We implemented different entrance shifts to avoid crowds.
  7.     We have instructed to respect the marked lines to keep the distance.