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perfiles de acero kinnox

Technical specifications

perfiles metálicos kinnox

Steel profiles, also known as metal profiles or galvanized square tubes, are structural elements made primarily of steel that are used in a variety of construction and engineering applications.

Rectangular tubes are a specific type of metal profile obtained from the rolling of a type of steel widely known as rolled. This metal element is hot worked into different types of steel profiles.

Characteristics of metal profiles.

  1. Durability: The metal profiles, being made of steel, are extremely durable and resistant.
  2. Versatility: Metal profiles and rectangular tubes come in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses, allowing their use in a variety of construction applications.
  3. Light weight: Despite their strength, metal profiles and rectangular tubes are relatively light compared to other building materials, which facilitates handling and installation at the construction site.

Applications and uses of metal profiles in construction:

Support structures: They are widely used in the construction of support structures, due to their strength and load-bearing capacity.

Roofs and decks: Metal profiles are used for the manufacture of roofs, pergolas and decks in industrial and commercial buildings due to their durability and weather resistance.

Facades and cladding:They are sometimes used as facade and cladding elements in buildings, providing a modern and durable aesthetic appearance.

Manufacture of furniture and accessories: In more specialized applications, metal profiles are used in the manufacture of furniture, railings, stairs and other architectural accessories.

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